Kevin N. Coleman

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Be Industrious

Custom promo lettering

Client: Industrious Industries

Challenge: Creating a classic, authentic logotype for use on posters, shirts, and post cards.

Solution: Many drafts, and hours spent vectorizing a hand-drawn logotype.

The Bitter End Logo

A logo for a local bowling team

Client: The Bitter End bowling team

Challenge: The client needed an illustrated logo of a specific angle & scene, which could be used in a variety of mediums (embroidery, print, web)

Solution: I illustrated the requested logo, and paired it with a type face to complement.

Brasserie Four

Brasserie Four Website

Client: Brasserie Four

Challenge: Building a high-class client-accessible restaurant site.

Solution: Working closely with the restaurant owner, I created sketch revisions, digital mockups, layout drafting, and a polished CMS theme.


UI Design for Swivel Video Conferencing

Client: K3

Challenge: Creating an intuitive, delightful user interface for an online team presence environment.

Solution: Through sketching, wireframing, gathering feedback, and iterating UI elements, I led the charge on creation of a a same-room-like experience online. View the current browser-accessible version at

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Flip Clock Screensaver

Flip Clock Screensaver

Client: Self

Challenge: My previous flip-clock screensaver failed to function on a recently-updated version of OSX.

Solution: I built a Webkit-native page which displays the time in a skeuomorphic flip-clock style to be used as my screensaver. For more details, see the project repo on gitHub.

Four Feathered Sparrow

A website for a local eco-salon

Client: Four Feathered Sparrow

Challenge: The owner of Four Feathered Sparrow needed a branded website with easy access to make changes on-the-go.

I developed on a Wordpress installation to allow easy mobile and desktop access.

Gledelig Jul

New Years cards

Client: Self & family

Challenge: creating an annual greeting card

Solution: An entirely original project, I hand-lettered the type, laid out the press plate, letterpressed the cards, cropped, and glued.

Industrious Industries Business Cards

2-color letterpress business cards

Client: Industrious Industries

Challenge: The client needed high-quality, traditionally-printed business cards with tight printing registration.

Solution: With hours of press adjustment and attention to detail, I printed and cropped an initial run of one hundred cards.

J. Franklin Willis' Portfolio

Photography Portfolio

Client: J. Franklin Willis

Challenge: The client needed a simple, functional portfolio web site for displaying and selling his prints. He also needed a customized content management system for managing all of his photos and their metadata.

Working alongside my brother, I created a layout designed to be flexible to the viewer’s screen size, utilizing as much screen space as possible for showcasing photography.

Big Empty

Premier Cellar’s Website

Premier Cellar

Challenge: A new, responsive site design.

Solution: Using parallax scrolling, CSS media queries, and one of the best mobile-friendly image gallery plugins, I created a new site for Premier Cellar.

Typographic Mobile

Typographic mobile

Client: Self

Challenge: Creating a quality living room decoration that conveys my love for type.

Solution: Using 1-inch pine and a band saw, I crafted a type-themed mobile featuring a variety of letter forms: m = Old English; a = Helvetica; Z = Futura; s = Prestige Elite Std.; ΓΌ = Indigo Antiqua.


WWVA’s Website

Client: Walla Walla Valley Academy

Challenge: WWVA needed a website style update to match their newly-defined brand standard.

Solution: Prioritizing site functionality for each viewing environment, I sketched, laid out, designed, and constructed WWVA’s website.

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